We're the Snow Buddies of Boise, and this is our Elaborate Entry.

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Did you know?

The "Snow Buddies of Boise, Hallmark Collector’s Club" was founded in November 1998. We were founded not only to share our love of collecting ornaments, but to spread the joy and cheer that is felt during Christmas with our community all through the year.

What do you love about Keepsake Ornaments?

We love how the ornaments carry with them memories of the past and the ability to make memories for the future.

Family, friends, loved ones — ornaments help us to make a memory with them (while decorating) or allow us to hang a memory of them on our tree.

They also support our passions! (Or addictions) From nostalgia to pop culture, there's something for everyone.

How has your Local Club brought you together with each other?

We enjoy each others company at many events in the store (and at the convention in Kansas City!). Honestly, anything to do with ornaments, and we'll all start gathering there.

We also get to see each during our local club activities, like our annual summer potluck and Christmas party / home tours. This is always a lot of fun since we get to indulge our passion for collecting Hallmark Ornaments.

How has your Local Club brought you together with your community?

For 10 years, our club donated Themed Hallmark Christmas wreaths to the Boise Festival of Trees, where proceeds go to St. Alphonsus Hospital.

Since then, we've contributed to charities such as the Idaho Food Bank and Boise Rescue Mission. We also give donations and decorate the Ronald McDonald House for Christmas each year.

Lastly, this year we added a few things: making holiday decor for the assisted living and ornaments for the Veterans Home.

If you were going to throw a Keepsake party, what would it look like?

It would have Ornaments on display everywhere! We'd try to celebrate our favorite ornaments in the decor somehow (we love making Iife-size versions of our favorite Keepsake Ornaments), with lots of prizes and games!

There would be food and refreshments, a raffle, and holiday music for everyone to enjoy. In fact, it would probably look a lot like Signing Event from years ago! So we'd definitely love to have you all back and throw a party for you!

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